Passenger comfort is a major factor influencing a commuter’s decision to avail public transport. Existing studies suggest that factors like overcrowding, jerkiness, traffic congestion etc. correlate well to passenger’s (dis)comfort.

Existing studies have shown that multiple factors, such as the nature of the road, bus condition, traffic congestion, driving pattern, overcrowding, waiting time at different bus stoppages etc. significantly influence individual commuter’s preference while traveling in a public city bus.


Public transport serves a major part of city commuters. Findings of a commuter pain survey conducted by IBM (2011) show that poor commuting experience increases stress and anger among commuters.



There exist multiple parameters viz., speed of the bus, congestion, probability of getting a seat, etc, which impact commuters’ comfort during the trip.



We present ComfRide – an end-to-end smartphone based personalized bus route recommender system, which recommends the most preferable bus route based on commuters’ individual comfort preferences.